New Year, New Ash

It’s been a while. Sorry. Life has been busy, as it always is for everyone during the holiday! All good things – lots of love and friends, but it’s left me with little blogging time.

However, after giving the blog a ton of thought, I’ve decided to rebrand. New year, new Ash, new blog!

To date, I’ve been focused on healthy baking & baking for different dietary restrictions. While I may continue to bake every so often, I’m going to do something that will be more natural & easy for me.

As a lot of my friends know, I’m currently in a year-long course to become a health coach with Integrative Nutrition. I’ll continue my day job at Pinterest, but one day can see myself branching off to become a full time health coach.

So..what does that mean for the blog? I’m going to expand some of my ramblings to focus on health coaching & what I’m learning at Integrative Nutrition!

I’m loving my course work so far and am proud to say that I just got a 90% on my first semester exam! Go me! I can’t wait to share with you what I’m learning. More to come, people!



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